These Stylish Yoga Mat Bags Will Help You Find Your Flow

You know how important one of the best yoga mat bags is if you’ve ever hauled a mat about or had a dedicated daily practise. You’re left with an unfurling, rolled-up mat peeping out of your bag and an unevenly distributed weight if you don’t have the right courier. When you add in other om needs like blocks, a towel, bolsters, and straps, as well as shower essentials and a change of clothes for post-flow, you’ll need a carryall that can handle it all. Sure, some studios provide these goods and, in some circumstances, long-term storage so you don’t have to bring them around. However, if yours doesn’t, or if you prefer a customised on-the-go kit, you’ll need a bag that can handle the weight. Ideally, one that is also fashionable.

It all boils down to personal opinion when choosing the best yoga mat bag for you. A shoulder bag or yoga mat strap may be all you need to carry your mat and a few items like a water bottle and keys. Alternatively, if a specialised design isn’t important to you, you can get away with an open tote or backpack with your mat peeking out from the top. You’ll need a larger bag that can fit a mat if you’re carrying everything but the kitchen sink, such as a foam roller, salves, and calming essential oils. A breathable or sports duffel is also appropriate if you’re bringing a change of clothing and toiletries bag but no mat ,suitable for the work, such as one made of nylon, canvas, or neoprene.

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