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The Vibrating Pond

‘The Vibrating Pond’ This is the second edition of THE VIBRATING POND, a collection of fiction short stories written over several years, between 1975 and 2017. This reprint edition is larger, with new materials. The phrase ‘Vibrating Pond’ derives from my book of poetry titled ‘The Hammer Bird,’ published in 1985. The new book features forty-five ‘works’ of the author’s own writings, consisting of a medley of prose, poems, but mainly are short story narratives. My style is poetic, in the genre of ‘magical realism.’ Each story isn’t so long in length, but I feel captures the reader’s attention right to the end! There are one hundred and thirty-two pages and hardbound measuring 9 x 11 inches-s available in soft & as an ebook -all available now at Amazon books!

Extra comments:

The storylines are taken from everyday life. Hence, people loved it from the heart, and they could relate themselves to the stories. According to the happy readers, the writing style is so interesting that it hooks the audience all the time. Due to their short volumes, readers find it easy to read anytime they want. Thus, they can enjoy the essence of the stories whenever they like. However, the themes of the storylines are exceptional.

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