Rapper Quaine Continues To Cement His Stance In The Music World

Music is something that most people like all around the world. Music has such a stronghold that even animals appear to enjoy it. Music has evolved into many different forms throughout the years, with enormous development and inclusion. As a result, it’s no surprise that music is divided into many genres.

Quaine is an artist who pushes the standard in terms of allowing his own personality and emotional approach to songwriting to take center stage, leading him to create music that is both personal, thrilling, and awe-inspiring. 

As an artist, critical to create something that you’re proud of. When Quaine found his passion for music, for example, his fan following exploded as people felt his honesty and dedication to his craft.

After releasing a hot track with Yo Gotti called “clip flip & move,” this very gifted musician Quaine follows it up with the music video for “we don’t bend we don’t fold,” which was inspired by Kodak Black and filmed and directed by Tony Lear and BigBen’s visions.

Big Ben and Tony Lear join Quaine in telling the tale of some of the hardships he encountered while living in the harsh neighborhoods of Maryland and Washington, DC, including losing one comrade to gun murder and another to a government informant who Quaine once considered a brother. After seeing this movie, one will only feel passion, energy, anger, and enthusiasm as Quaine describes the challenges of the game.

The rapper from Washington, DC, is seen in the video grooving while working in the studio, offering viewers a glimpse into what it’s actually like for artists to work behind the scenes. The project itself is a tribute to Shotti, one of Shotti’s brothers, and was inspired by a close friend and gifted artist named Mannywave. Rell Daquan Tyler and Cartel as a mentor The movie

To listen to Quaine’s rendition of this song, click on the given links below


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