On repeat: “Want You to Know” by Alex In…

We discovered  “Alex In…” with his track “Want You to Know” and the Pittsburgh-based artist did not disappoint us at all:

As a kid, Alex didn’t have a life full of comforts, but he always had a mission to never settle for less. That is the reason why he always had a yearning for his passion for music

As is hinted by the title, “Want you to know”  is a song about honesty and potential reconciliation. Being truthful about your feelings and not trying to hide your pain can become an antidote to your relationship problems, regardless of whether the relationship is ultimately saved or not.

Alex’s vocals and earnest lyrics lend an authentic quality to the song. He’s clearly a professional singer, so he’s able to handle the high level of difficulty this music presents. The musical backing is pretty straightforward RnB, mellow and smooth but still poppin’ enough to get down to.

Dive right into it:

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