Megan Fox in a Sheer Corset and Micro Miniskirt as “Dracula’s Maid”

Megan Fox can always be counted on to rock an all-black ensemble.

Her most recent monotone appearance was at the Jimmy Choo x Mugler VIP show in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Maeve Reilly, a celebrity stylist, outfitted the Jennifer’s Body actress with outfits from the famed design brand for the occasion. Fox wore a sheer black back-seam stocking, a micro miniskirt, and a black corset with Mugler’s characteristic sheer panelling. She also had gold chains wrapped around her ankles in black Jimmy Choo x Mugler heels. Her abstract gold rings and, of course, her diamond-and-emerald engagement ring from fiancé Machine Gun Kelly were among her accessories.

“It’s giving Dracula’s maid,” Fox captioned the picture on Instagram.

Jimmy Choo collaborated with Mugler’s creative director, Casey Cadwallader, on a collection of footwear that captures both companies’ explosive vitality. Though Fox chose the chain pumps, she could easily be seen in any of the collection’s sock boots, knee-high lace-up sandals, or crystal ball-studded heels.

Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo’s creative director, tells, “Mugler and Jimmy Choo are about strength—our women are strong, elegant, and in control.” She went on to say that the stunning advertising photographs shot by visual artist Harley Weir are also about strength. “Our women are literally the stars here: they are the centre of every photograph.” The fact that these photographs were obtained by a female photographer adds another layer to the storey. Harley’s work is consistently excellent.

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