Maverick kang’s Journey: A Stunt Actor Turned Musician

Maverick Kang, currently residing in Thailand, is set on becoming a passionate music artist. He has been making unique melodies that are trendy but nostalgic, which has given him an exceptional reputation.
He is not only an emerging music artist but also a successful stunt actor. He got to play part in some very successful movies in 2022 like RRR (2022) & S.W.A.T. (2022). This did not stop him from working towards achieving his childhood dream. He had always wanted to be a music artist who will one day perform at a stage with thousands of his fans.
After the stardom he got from his movies he started exploring music and now has his own album ILLUMINATIN with singles like HEAT SENSORS and many which listeners can relate to. It won’t be wrong to say Maverick is continuing to defy odds and make a name for himself as an actor and musician. 2022 seems to be the year for Mav Kang. He owes his success to the way he was brought up to stay true to his roots and have an optimistic approach to everything happening, either good or bad.
Currently he is residing in Thailand but he is a legal resident of Hawaii. His fans are excited to see what new music he will be releasing next.

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