‘Making music is about creating assets for social media,’ says one pop star.

Musicians are opening up about the difficulties of maintaining an online presence after Charli XCX departed social media alleging unkindness from fans.

The build-up to an album’s release is all about tantalising and satisfying the fans: exhilarating videos, the promise of a fantasy-fulfilling collaboration, the drip-fed reveal of a musician’s new era. However, British pop sensation Charli XCX said earlier this month that she was stepping away from Twitter after receiving unfavourable feedback from fans regarding the advertising for her next album, Crash.

She explained, “I’ve been feeling like I can’t do anything properly at the moment.” “I’ve noticed that a few people are furious at me recently – for the songs I’ve chosen to release, for the manner I’ve decided to launch my campaign, for the things I need to do to fund what will be the best tour I’ve ever done. “I’ve been struggling with my mental health for the past few months, which makes negativity and criticism all the more difficult to bear.”

“I can’t really manage it here right now,” she added, so she’ll create tweets for her staff to send on her behalf.

Charli XCX (born Charlotte Aitchison) isn’t the only prominent pop talent to forsake social media: Billie Eilish stopped using Twitter to protect her mental health, while Mitski, a US indie singer, erased her accounts after her 2019 tour ended. The issue affects artists in a special way. Actors aren’t required to sell themselves as much as writers are, and they frequently avoid social media; writers don’t have enormous followings or the parasocial interactions that come with them.

However, for any musician facing digital burnout, taking a break isn’t an option – especially since the epidemic reduced the number of shows and in-person advertising chances, putting the pressure on musicians to continually provide updates on their work online.

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