Lockdown obsessions? Cake? Video Games? TikTok? No James Bond

During the winter of the pandemic, an artist by the name of Wiesinger found himself hungry for something… he wasn’t sure what it is all he knew is that he had a hole that he needed filling. Sound relatable? I’m sure many of us can relate to this and some of use filled that hole with: cake, video games, TikTok or other meaningless activities or foods but Wiesinger?

Not cake, not video games and not TikTok… he set himself the challenge of collecting the entire James Bond DVD collection. Wiesinger scoured the local thrift shops and second hand stores in hope that he may be able to find himself another copy of one of the 25+ action spy films.

It wasn’t until later that it hit him… this was all because those special moments of late night concerts and outings with friends were no longer there. He missed them and James Bond was his new obsession.

But there’s got to be another way of letting this feeling out?

That’s right, Wiesinger turned it into a song. Knowing that there were millions experiencing the exact same feeling and being the hope dealing artist that he is, Wiesinger wrote this with the intention of creating that hope for change, to get you out of that hole you’ve found yourself in.

Arguably the best lyric in the song is “When you waste all day on your TikTok Feed – All the experts say this product is exactly what I need”, a tongue in cheek analysis of current trends where infomercial-esque influencers are selling products everyday all across social media.

Wiesinger has proven great at capturing the emotions of the masses as we have all experienced a very different lifestyle over these last few years.

Here is FOMO – Wiesinger’s new song

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