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KUMAZ by Shmuel Yaccoby

Pitch: Kumaz is a vital tale for all sisters, telling the story of fraternal twin sisters’ conflicted relationship as each lives up to her own beliefs in relation to what it means to be a woman.

In this fantasy, I wish to accompany the reader into an imaginary world that is, nevertheless, grounded in history, biblical scents and memorable characters.

The core events in this epic occurred in the 10th century BC in the fascinating Sheba Kingdom and ancient Jerusalem during the King Solomon and Queen of Sheba era. The entire story background is secondary to the main plot focusing on inner versus outer beauty, women’s ambition, family, relationships, love, desire and the meaning of life.


Nezem, the granddaughter of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, inherits the Kumaz, a jeweled body ornament reciprocally interacting with the magnitude of a woman’s inner and outer beauty, amplifying her characteristics. Nezem will now be able to pursue the Queen’s dream of a society in which all are equal—but an unexpected rival stands in her way.

On the other hand, Nezem’s non-identical twin sister, Setannah, wants the Kumaz to achieve her own missions.

The twins’ contrasting characters are in turn reflected through the transactions of the Kumaz with their beauty; in this way, they will come to challenge morality itself, encompassing womanhood, family, love and war. The tension leads to an astounding end entangling the Kumaz, the Ark of the Covenant, the men dearest to them, and ultimately, the entire future of their dream society.

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