New York-based hip hop artists Kid Fashion and Castro are portal-ing their way into the music industry just like they’re from a Marvel movie, the only questions we’re pondering now is what are their musical abilities like and how big will they become?

Meet Me in the Metaverse is a song that centres around the different stages of a relationship and how the external world can play a part in the outcome, but Kid Fashion and Castro pride themselves on catchy melodies that are definitely going to make their fans play a huge part in their songs outcome.

Just like music sometimes the melodies don’t match up and we have to part ways with them melodies no matter how catchy they are, this is a message the two rising artists are portraying in their song. The lyrics “you’re on my mind girl, all the time” effective portray the way Kid Fashion and Castro weren’t to show the real raw emotions of a relationship.

Kid Fashion, influenced a lot by Travis Scott, rise into the industry started slowly after his hit song “Hollywood,” since then Kid Fashion has taken the industry by storm by producing beats and powerful melodies which he collabs a lot with Castro. Together the hip hop artists evoke their talents into the industry monthly, making them into artists you need on your playlist, not just because of their beautifully intertwined melodies but the deep meaning behind their lyrics. What’s better? Their artists are powered by their adoring fans making them one step closer to becoming the next big hit.

Formally known as Cello, the rebranding to Kid Fashion with all new music is only the start of Kid Fashion’s explosive comeback and with future collaborations with Castro theres no telling when this potential will dwindle.

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