How Curate your personal style in the same way that the best museums do.

The curators of museums have a lot of styles. They understand how to present the art of various forms, sizes, and colors in the best possible light. A strong fashion style is quite similar to that expertise. How do you create an ensemble with that extremely technical, beautifully effective sensibility? Let’s break it down as though we’re putting up a gallery presentation.

Begin with a concept.

A creative ensemble, like a fine art display, begins with a story. Art pieces having visual links are shown at museums. Follow in their footsteps.

Consider what you want to express while choosing parts. Do you wish to demonstrate the power of contrast in your world? Mix and match strong designs, dark and bright colors, and old and modern. Do you want to tell a narrative about a person or a period of time? Choose objects that elicit nostalgia from a specific time period or a theme. To illustrate growth, mix & match eras. Do you wish to draw attention to a single straightforward concept? Monochrome, clean lines and a classic design are all good choices.

Consider your background and framing.

Curators have a saying that “the wall is as essential as the piece.” Of course, this necessitates the consideration of two factors. How do you include negative space into your ensemble? What level of quality do your foundation parts need to be in order for the main pieces to stand out? What accessories will complement, rather than detract from, your look?

Protect and Preserve

What’s the sense of buying carefully and spending hard-earned money on clothing that excites and delights you, only to have them ruined? There’s a reason museums are concerned about lighting, humidity, and even the possibility of visitors touching the artwork. Curatorial work includes both display and preservation. Consider this when you’re out shopping and deciding what to wear.

Know a reputable dry cleaner. Follow the washing directions to the letter. Choose items that are relevant to your destination. On a muddy trek, no strappy stilettos are permitted. It’s not a good idea to go out in a rain wearing a silk blouse. You already know not to bring fragile objects to a sloppy environment.

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