Get to Know Upcoming Artist Braymen

Kyle Braymen is a music artist and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. “I started making music almost 2 years ago when I was at my lowest point and it saved me. It was my first true passion that I had found and I’m thankful for the man it has helped me become.”

Braymen recently released his debut album, a 9-track EP titled ‘Behind Closed Doors’ as an homage to a life that has been built and lived in silence. “I’m no longer afraid to remove the curtain from my life . I have something to say and people I want to help and I will show up everyday and do that.” Braymen expressed to us. “This world is built on connections, and that isn’t easy enough to do in the music industry. That is our gap that we will be attempting to fill these next 5 years. I’m building this on the back of providing everyone massive value. Everyone I come into contact with in the music industry.”

Braymen has an upcoming 5 track EP that will be featuring Okay Sage, Ricothewise and the homie DIFFERENT CELEBRITY. “Melodic miss the rage type beat” Braymen said jokingly when asked about the genre of his upcoming project. “I also have a lot of singles I’m going to be releasing this year as well.” Braymen told us he had amassed a catalog of over 25 songs ready to distribute before dropping 9 of them on his debut album ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

We asked Braymen about what artists inspire him the most, and have contributed to his music style and he had an epic list. At the top Braymen had to go with the man himself, Russ. Independent kings with the versatility that operate like a true business owner. Phora is the artist that Braymen relates to the most in terms of emotions, while Mike (Formerly known as Mike Stud) is Braymen’s favorite vibe to chase. Helps that they look alike too. Chris Brown, Memoria XI, Yeat, Is0kenny, Anees, Sueco, Landstrip Chip, and many more. A very large list. True lover of music. Tap in with @Braymen_ on instagram to watch the music industry change for the better, business wise and musically.

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