Elijah Runako on How You Can Push Your Boundaries and Take on Any Challenge

No one in life has achieved anything of significance without first stepping outside of their comfort zone and throwing themselves into challenging circumstances. Testing your mettle, pushing your boundaries, and facing a hurdle head-on is how greatness is achieved, and it’s a philosophy by which rapper Elijah Runako has always strived to live his life.

“When I was released from a youth correctional center back in the day, there was no one willing to bet on my future being all that bright, but I knew different,” explains Runako, who adds, “You see, I knew I had potential and inner strength. It just needed to be cultivated and put to the test, and that’s exactly what I set about doing.” 

Throwing himself into a music career with all the wild abandon of the born again, Elijah Runako soon began building something of a name for himself. Fast forward nearly a decade, and the hip-hopper from Chicago boasts an impressive CV. He has collaborated with everyone from Kanye West to Chance the Rapper and has performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and Coachella. He has also since diversified his skill set and owns a water company, and is making an impressive fortune as a crypto day trader. 

Reflecting on his success, Runako muses, “To this day, I’m a big believer in that the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is largely determined by having the guts to put yourself out there and simply go for it. Of course, talent plays a part, but I know plenty of talented people who are stuck in dead-end situations simply because they refused to put it all on the line and see how far they could push it. Life is all about challenging yourself, fortune favors the brave, and he who dares wins! When you put yourself in the firing line and have got no one else to rely on but yourself, you’ll be surprised at how deep you can dig and what sort of strength you truly possess. Life is a trial by fire, and the goal is to pass through the other side and fly high like a phoenix!”

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