Discovery of the day: BeastBoyPappz

After releasing pain which hit 26,000 streams on spotify and then essentials which hit 13,000 streams, BeastBoy has created quite a bit of buzz around his music so fans are eager to hear more

But what is the story behind this unknown artist how is creating a bit of buzz?

Hailing from London, he knows the UK music scene inside and out, falling in love at the young age of 8 with poetry & rap. But… this wasn’t any childhood hobby this was the dream of an aspiring artist, so when he was 14 he found himself in the studio recording his first song.

This is where he knew he wanted to be a rapper!

The next option for most aspiring musicians in Britain is Britain’s got talent and this was BeastBoy’s exact plans… he was going to go on the show, wow the judges and come out with a record deal! However, it didn’t work out like that, before he could get on the show his father made BeastBoy perform infront of him, but he fumbled. He couldn’t even perform infront of his own father let alone millions of people on live TV.

Since then BeastBoy Pappz has released multiple songs that have done impressive numbers including his first song Relax which garnered 46,000 streams on soundcloud, pain which hit 26,000 streams on spotify and then essentials which hit 13,000 streams. So BeastBoy has shown that he has come along way and now he is releasing a new song, a new tale and a new adventure.

Every single one of BeastBoy pappz’ songs take you into a separate world, a different story or a new sound. And instead of trying to recreate the exact same sound that every other artist is making in the UK at the moment, he wants to stand out and be known as that artist who did things differently.

Will this be the case?

You decide that one with BeastBoy Pappz’ new song ‘Dandelions’.

‘Dandelions’ is about hope. Hope for the future, that everything will work out ok in the end but not just ok, all your dreams will come true. The song starts with a gently melody and then breaks into a calm, mellow beat that you could float on and instead of rapping about shooting and stabbings like the rest of the UK scene, BeastBoy Pappz has made something that people can be inspired by.

If you are a person that is pushing for a better life, and you feel like you need a fresh start or a new beginning then this song is for you… Dandelions are a sign that a new season is coming ‘Spring’ so let this be your fresh start before summer!

Streams BeastBoy Pappz’ New Song ‘Dandelions’ Here

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