Chicago’s Favorite Exotic Car Rental Brand DS Members Collection Faces Hefty Losses- Potential Customers Tricked By Hoax Page

Muneeb Khurshid, famous for his exceptional and latest technological services provided in his DS Members Collection recently had to witness a great loss. The DS Members Collection has been promoting and selling its services through its official Instagram account. However, it became a victim of impersonation. On 17th May 2022, it was posted by the DS Members Collection on their Instagram account that there has been a fake account impersonating the DS Members Collection. The imposter account however was providing the same services that were being provided originally by the DS Members Collection. The DS Members Collection, known for its high-quality services had its name at risk. This, unfortunately, resulted in a loss of more than 75000 USD for the DS Members Collection. Within a time of 5 days, the DS Members Collection had to face a great loss that highly affected its reputation all over the globe. Muneeb Khurshid was considered sagacious enough to immediately contact the suitable and appropriate authorities and handed over the case to them. The fake Instagram account however was taken down and deleted by the authorities. Yet, the imposters and culprits behind this account are still to be unrevealed as the case is still being investigated and assessed.

Artist Muneeb Khurshid is also preferred as Micky Khurshid has existing operations of the DS Members Collection in several countries where his top-notch services are sold to his consistent customers. Ds Members Collection is widely known for providing the latest and exotic services to its customers. The DS membership has recently been introduced with a premium subscription by Micky Khurshid. This subscription allows access to the exotic and sleekest car collection exclusively for members only. In addition to its expansion, Micky has also planned an application launch which will allow further expansion and ease to acquire services for its customers.

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