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Book of the Day : The Bowman Legacy

The Bowman Legacy is a novel of love, freedom, and war.

Lillian Vance is now Lillian Bissett. She and her husband Louis, her friend Althea, and three freed slaves from Gloria Plantation move to Timbuctoo, a small all black town in Burlington County, New Jersey. The town was settled in 1826 by free born blacks, runaway slaves and Quakers. Soon after Lillian and her family settle into their new community, they discover that the town is a stop on the Underground Railroad. The family willingly join in the fight to abolish slavery and to help runaway slaves find freedom.

A few years before the outbreak of the Civil War, a young girl searches for freedom from a life of solitude. She has been abandoned and left to fend for herself at a very young age. Josiah Gilbert is accused of murdering the Overseer on a Maryland plantation and must run for his life. Samantha and Josiah’s search for freedom will bring them to Timbuctoo where they are welcomed into the  Bissett and Bowman families. They too will become active in the fight to free the enslaved.

The Bowman Legacy chronicles the lives of people who bravely survived the atrocities of slavery and subsequently worked hard to help other slaves find freedom. The young men of Timbuctoo eagerly join the army and bravely fight to end slavery. The War will change all of their lives forever.

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