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Book of the Day: Before I Met Him By Sabrina Landor

In this debut memoir by Sabrina Landor, BEFORE I MET HIM, is the inspirational story of one woman’s journey from chaos to hope.

Growing up with support and success all around her, the future is as bright as ever for Sabrina Landor, until tragedy strikes. Broken and lost, she seeks to pick up the pieces and find herself all over again.

It is only when she finds love unexpectedly that her world changes and she finds the opportunity to be whole again.

This is a true story.

“Before I Met Him,” I share my journey of finding hope and healing. I once only knew abuse and hatred, but I was changed forever by Jesus. says Sabrina Landor

In this short book, author Sabrina Landor gives her readers a memoir of a horrific period in her life. But, this memoir is more than a memoir; it is her testimony of what happened when she allowed the Lord back into her life. Being forced to endure physical and mental abuse from her husband that even her mother didn’t believe, Ms. Landor got forced to seek refuge on her own. Luckily, she found a landlord who listened to her story and decided to give her and her children what they need. The landlord, being a minister of the church next door, began to reintroduce her to the Lord, and she got reborn. In sharing her testimony, Ms. Landor gives her readers steps of what they need to do if they want to start living their lives with the Lord. As I approached the end in reading the author’s book, I couldn’t help but recall the movie Sister Act where Whoppi Goldberg and the nuns are singing I Will Follow Him.

[Peggy March – 1979] I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn’t an ocean too deep A mountain so high it can keep me away I must follow him (follow him), ever since he touched my hand I knew That near him I always must be And nothing can keep him from me He is my destiny (destiny) Yes, the Lord is everyone’s destiny, who can cause miraculous transformations in their lives, just like He did for Ms. Landor. And for sharing her transformational testimony with her readers.

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